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Goodness Grapes

an apple, grapes and kale

Here at the perch, we get a lot of questions about what fresh foods budgies can eat.  There are lots, and they are a great addition to your bird’s diet!  Instead of just listing them off, however, we thought it would be much more fun to start sharing some fast and easy recipes utilizing fruits and veggies budgies can eat.  The first is for a fun salad we have named “Goodness Grapes.”  We just had to start with a tribute to grapes, since it’s a favorite of both Siri and Soma.

Goodness Grapes Budgie Salad






Wash all fruit and kale thoroughly. If you can buy organic, it is better for your bird(s).  Then take the seeds out of the grapes if necessary (or buy seedless….hello!) and cut a pretty good sized chunk of apple which has no seeds in it.  Next, cut each ingredient into very small portions.  As you can see from the photo below, the pieces need to be pretty tiny for a budgie.  Mix even amounts of each ingredient and serve.  You can give it to your bird(s) in a bowl or scatter it on a surface, if your budgie(s) like to forage.  Also, don’t become discouraged if your birdie doesn’t try it right away, or even on the same day.  Parakeets can sometimes take a while to warm up to something new.  Keep experimenting with ways to present the salad and be patient!  I like to keep a few large leaves of kale to serve whole, as my budgies like to bathe and nibble on them!  If that is the case with your bird(s), you can try sprinkling the salad around the larger pieces of greens to entice them.  Enjoy!

Final Day in the Nestbox

Siri and Soma of The Parakeet Perch sitting in the nestbox
Siri and Soma of The Parakeet Perch sitting in the nestbox

Siri and Soma are still laying eggs in our nestbox!  There are two left which I haven’t checked, so I will let them sit for another day and then I will pull them, make sure they are infertile, and then discard them.  This is unless there are baby chicks forming, which is highly unlikely.  I will be heading to our local hardware store today to find some materials to patch up the hole where the nextbox currently attaches to the cage.  This will allow me to remove the box and hopefully discourage the girls from laying more eggs (the holidays are coming…take a break budgies, whew)!  For now though, happy sitting ladies!

Siri and Soma in their nestbox
Siri and Soma in their nestbox