Our Parakeets

Here at the perch, we currently have four budgies, along with a cockatiel, sun conure, and macaw! Following are profiles of the first two budgies we had, which are still featured in some of our most popular YouTube videos, and profiles of some of our other birds.

Siri was a lutino who came to us first. She was a little girl with a BIG personality, and her favorite things were staying busy, chewing up birdie kabobs, admiring herself in the mirror, and squawking loudly when she wanted something (primarily to be let out of her cage). She came to us in July 2013 and was about 3 months old.

After Siri, we acquired Soma in August 2013, also at around 3 months old. Soma was an albino budgie and much quieter than Siri, but still full of personality and charm. Soma enjoyed watching people and being talked to. She also loved taking baths and sitting on eggs.

Since Aril 2015, we’ve had Segoe. He came to us at about 3 months old as well, and was a very colorful addition to our flock! Segoe is a yellowface type II, sky blue, pied opaline! As with our other two birds, Segoe has that outgoing budgie personality we love so much! Since he’s a male, he loves to be extra chatty and has learned a few words from our cockatiel, who talks regularly. He loves to make a purring sound, hang upside down in the cage, flirt with Sprite, and eat millet.

Here is a particularly sweet video showing Segoe when we first got him! How cute was he???

Since January 2018, we have had Sango and Sprite.


Sprite is a very outgoing little hen who loves toys more than any of the other birds. Our first green bird, she was named by our YouTube family!

Sango was our very shy bird. He is still a bit fearful, but has since then gained confidence! He loves to be whistled to and interacted with from a distance (at least where people are concerned).

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