Our Birds Get Sushi

In running a YouTube channel about birds, one always thinks about content. Content. Content. Content. What do I post about? What do my viewers want to see? What will make my stats get better? I realized, in my most recent contemplation, that I had sorely neglected sharing recipes with my audience. Bird recipes are so fun and often easy to do. Alongside a little research into what’s appropriate to feed birds, there exists an endless number of possibilities for birdie treat diy projects.

So this week, I decided to try bird sushi! I personally have a huge love affair with sushi, finding it both beautiful and very pleasing to the palate. Although I couldn’t fix my birds a lobster roll or a spicy tuna, I did find that there are several ingredients that birds enjoy which would make a really mean looking sushi roll. So I “rolled” up my sleeves and played around in the kitchen with some turnip greens, peppers, cucumbers, carrots and brown rice. Here’s what I came up with! The birds really enjoyed it, and you can check out our YouTube video featuring the birds eating their new treat and also ending with bonus footage of our conure inspecting some of the ingredients. Keep being creative out there!

3 thoughts on “Our Birds Get Sushi”

    1. Awesome, thank you! I hope you all enjoy the video…it’s such fun to get creative when feeding the birds. You’ve actually got me thinking about doing a bird garden, where I can include foods just for the birds! They already enjoy the honeysuckle that is plentiful in and around my backyard…why not add more!

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      1. That sounds awesome! I don’t know much about their diet, but our chickens and ducks enjoy any extra produce we have growing in our garden. That includes various lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans… most of what we grow they can eat, too. I think our rabbit is the only one we have to mindful of, and that’s hardly a burden.

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