Like Mango?

We spent a wonderful weekend at the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo talking about our YouTube channels and educating people about bird ownership and care. Of course it is very difficult to go to an expo and not fall in love with many of the animals represented there. Hence, our flock got a little bit bigger yesterday. Meet our new sun conure, Mango!

Mango is already proving to be such a sweet and smart bird, so we can’t wait to share more pictures of him with you and hopefully train him to do some fun behaviors as well, which we will share on our YouTube channel. Here are a few more pictures of some of the fun things we saw at the Exotic Pet …

4 thoughts on “Like Mango?”

    1. Thanks! I am already head over heels for Mango…hand raised baby, so he’s super sweet, kind with his beak (so far) and in love with learning new things for bits of fruit and attention. Not as loud as I expected either, which was surprising. Maybe that’s a sign I have been around parrots too long and my hearing is going lol!!


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